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About Us

Founded in 2021, HRS MODA TEKSTİL develops and expands the Q UALIT'Y POINT brand, as well as manufactures and exports to the world's leading textile brands in the category of knitting groups, with its ready-to-wear garment facility.

In our production office located in Istanbul Beylikdüzü Gürpınar  together with the design and production teams, it anticipates the needs of the customers and implements product development solutions. The process from the design process to the delivery of the products to the stores is meticulously managed by expert teams.

Our production product categories;

It appeals to all knitting groups without making any distinction between men, women and children. T-shirt- Athlete- Sweatshirt-Dress-Skirt-Tights-Tracksuit-Shorts, it serves design and production items in all upper and lower groups.

HRS MODA TEKSTİL / with its expert staff, which the textile industry needs; innovative, knowledgeable, flexible, creative, fabric research, and has the criteria to catch the latest fashion trends.

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Registered International Trademark

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